4 Oct 2009

A day to forget

Yesterday was a day to forget, because everything seemed to go wrong!

The day before, in the afternoon, I broke my laptop. It didn’t start anymore! You can imagine my hopelessness about thinking to stay a whole semester without laptop! Especially now that the lessons has begun and I have to do projects and assigments!
The problem happened when, after typing my username and password in Ubuntu, the screen was black. After having turned the laptop off, trying to turn it on nothing happened! Only the fan started and nothing else, no boot, no screen, which remained black!

At 10 I woke up (after having come back from a party after 3 am the day before) in order to go to The Bike Station, a charity company that repairs and sells bikes at “cheap” prices (cheap compared to the other prices here, but I think 60-70 pounds for a second-hand bike is still a lot!) with a three months warranty.

At about 10.30 I go out of my flat and while I am going down the stairs, still drowsy, almost put one foot in the vomit of some dear tenant, left outside (his/her?) door…

I go by foot to the bike shop, 2 km far away from my house, walking slowly because of the very high wind.
Just before 11 I arrive at the shop, which opened at 10.30, and I find – guess! – a long queue!
Patiently I wait for my turn, which arrives after almost 40 minutes, while besides the wind it even begins to rain… brrr!
Finally I enter the shop and – surprise! – I find out that only two woman-bikes are left, obviously not suitable for me. They tell me that they have sold 39 bikes and that I can come back next week (yes, the shop opens only once a week, on saturday!) and maybe it is better to come earlier: some people arrived there at 7.30 to queue!!! oO
I come back home, again by foot, other 20 minutes struggling with the wind, and I arrive there at noon.

At 12 there was the meeting of the Edinburgh photography club, obviously on the other side of the city, before the departure for the trip to the botanical garden, which was at 13.
I cook in a hurry some tortellini, which I bought at ALDI (low-cost supermarket like LIDL). Obviously they were almost non-edible…

I leave again in a hurry, almost on an empty stomach, to arrive at the gathering point (other 2 km) just in time. Immediately we leave for the the botanical garden: 40 minutes by foot.
When we arrive there… it rains! Hurray!
Fortunately the rains was not heavy, so we can continue our exploration of the garden taking photos, in spite of the high wind.
Obviously after a while – what else could it still happen to me? – I run out of batteries… However I managed to get some good photos

I come back home, for the first time in 3 weeks by bus (1.20 pound for the ticket), thinking of what else could happen to me.

By accident I see a cell phones repair-shop, so I enter and ask about my broken laptop. They say me to call HP on Monday, since it is on warranty.
I ask for a screwdriver and the man opens my laptop and – as I asked him – unplugs and plugs again my RAM memory. This was the only thing I suspected could be responsible for the problem and a friend of mine told me to try this procedure.
Unbelievable but it works!!! Hurray!

Torno a casa, per la prima volta dopo 3 settimane in autobus (1.20 sterline, altro che Trento!), pensando alla prossima disgrazia che mi poteva capitare.

I still don’t understand what was the problem: defective RAM (but why does it work now?)? Dust (but the laptop is one month old and I did not see dust nor I blew on the RAM when I opened it)?

Finally, I come back home smiling because my misfortunes seemed to be ended, ready to go to the birthday party of a friend of mine! ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 Responses to “A day to forget”

  1. Potrebbe essere che la RAM era montata male, non completamente incastrata nel socket.
    Sul mio portatile precendete avevo avuto dei problemi e il fatto era quello. A volte non si accendeva ma dopo 10 minuti di tentativi partiva e stava accesso quanto volevo. Motivazione? Avevo cambiato la ram e non l’avevo infilata completamente nel socket. Un giorno mi sono stufato, ho premuto come un pazzo e ha fatto il mitico scattino. Problema risolto ๐Ÿ˜€ (e funziona ancora)


    Alberto M. Scattolo

  2. Mamma che giornatina!
    Se tutte le giornate sono cosรฌ, mi fai quasi passare la voglia di venir su a trovarti ๐Ÿ˜‰



  3. @ Andrea: no no, รจ stata la peggiore, non preoccuparti! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Alberto: dici? E possibile che abbia sempre funzionato fino adesso? Strano…



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